Ronan & Yue Mei

There weren’t any of the usual British weather concerns for Ronan & Yue Mei’s wedding near Siena on Monday – instead the main concern was the heat! With Italy currently experiencing something of a ‘heatwave’ and the mid-afternoon temperature approaching 40C a quick decision was made to put the ceremony back an hour to 6pm – and a good decision it was :) Everything went perfectly to plan thanks to Monica and the Wedding With A View team, and the setting for the evening meal in particular, will remain with me for a very very long time.

Yue Mei looked absolutely stunning (& Ronan scrubbed up pretty well also ;) ) Many congratulations folks – may we also say that you’re both extremely lucky to have such amazing families. Thanks also to Maurizio who did the videography – a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Here’s a few images of the day:

Yue Mei getting the lipstick treatment!

Love this shot of Ronan – straight out of camera.

How gorgeous?!

We made use of the chapel’s shaded front for the formals – a welcome break from the sun – even at 8pm!

Simply beautiful – great shot Amy!

Love the strong, golden evening light which makes the Villa bright orange. I was playing a bit with motion (I think they thought I was mad!)

How about this for your evening reception venue?

It was worth taking the tripod with us for this shot alone.

Hope you like them folks – have a great honeymoon – there are LOTS more where they came from! – Andy

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  1. Still on honeymoon. Love the photos on the blog and can’t wait to see the rest.Thanks Andy and Amy for capturing our day; you are both brilliant!

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