Phil & Jen and a wedding in the garden!

Yup, you’ve read that right :) Jen has always dreamed of getting married in her parents’ back garden. With the legalities taken care of in a low-key way during the morning, Phil & Jen were free to concentrate on the real wedding that afternoon. Paul & Jackie handed over their house & garden to a variety of vendors who erected a marquee, cooked a delicious lamb & hog roast meal and set-up a bar. We’ve never photographed anything like this before and, although a challenge in some respects, it was fantastic fun. Let’s have a look at some of what we’ve taken:

A perfect example of just what you can achieve in a back garden. It really was beautifully done.

Phil – not quite ready but obviously very relaxed.

Quiff, one of two Bestmen has a go at the bow tie ;)

“Is this supposed to do this?”

The lovely Jen! If getting married in your own home made every Bride as relaxed as Jen was, then we think everyone should do it.

The ladies. It was great to see so many familiar faces at this wedding – more of that at the end ;)

Phil & brother/Bestman Paul – who did a hilarious speech.

Amy went looking for the happy couple – who’d wondered off in the wrong direction & caught this lovely moment.

Just one of the reactions during the speeches.

Towards the end of the daytime celebrations.

During the evening, a live band played and there was much dancing & partying not forgetting the unforgettable 1st dance (You had to be there!)

Earlier I mentioned how it was great to see so many familiar faces. The reason is that we photographed Jen’s sister Vicki & husband Andy’s wedding last year. Next year we’re photographing Andy’s Bestman when he ties the knot with Katharine & then a friend of Katharine’s (Helen) just a couple of weeks after that! I think we’re going to have to re-invent ourselves!

To finish, we really have to say a huge thanks to Paul & Jackie for looking after us on Saturday. We really appreciated the hospitality as well as Paul’s talents with a ‘grinder!!’ That’s a story for another post – stay tuned :) – Andy

2 thoughts on “Phil & Jen and a wedding in the garden!”

  1. It truly was a fantastic day, and to see it captured so well will only reinforce our memories of a great day. Andy and Amy have surpassed the high standards set at Vicki and Andy’s wedding last year, but then they make it so easy with their relaxed style and friendly approach – it is hard to imag1ne any wedding without them! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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