on the road…home…on the road…

In the time since our last post, we’ve driven from Italy to northern England, photographed Phil & Jen’s wedding and driven back! 2600 miles, 5 different beds in 7 nights, a car service, a portrait session & a lot of coffee!! We’re home for just two days before travelling for another wedding in Italy followed by a quick flight back to the UK for a wedding on Saturday & then home again Monday? Are you following this?!

We’re rapidly catching up on our backlog of weddings to process. Unlike many photographers, we actually work every single file that goes into our clients album and this inevitably adds greatly to our time – but we strongly believe that it’s absolutely worth every minute spent on them. During our busiest periods of the year, this can slow down our delivery process – especially if we lose days whilst travelling but we do as much as we can whilst we’re sat in Airports etc. to stay in touch with everyone and keep them up to date with where we’re up to.

Meanwhile, next year’s bookings have gone through the roof. We’re already 50% booked on our target and with several enquiries open, we’re likely to be fully booked by the end of this year. If you’re thinking of reserving your date with us, please don’t be disappointed by waiting too long :(

Ciao for now! – Andy

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