New-look Website

Since September 2005 I have had the same website (built by Andy). Of course, it has been updated, adjusted, amended and tweaked over the years but September 05!! Can’t help but think it’s overdue a face lift.

Well, Andy’s on the job again folks! When he gets his teeth stuck into something he’s worse than a dog with a bone. He doesn’t get going until he’s on about his 5th coffee of the day (about 10am!) but then, that’s it. I struggle to get more than a grunt out of him for the rest of the day and he doesn’t stray far from the laptop. Anyway, enough of that – what a great job he’s doing! Please go and have a look and feel free to leave any feedback for us. Andy says that it’s still got a way to go – he says that his style sheet is really untidy and he still has some columns to line-up for a neater finish but it’s looking pretty good to me. We have loads of content to add yet too so keep an eye on it.

Here’s a screenshot but please visit to see the whole page:


Very swish! What a clever hubby I have :-)

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