Music for Italy Weddings

Spring has finally sprung! Thank Goodness. If I don’t see snow again for another 10 years it would be too soon… grrrr …!

Anyway, I popped round to see my wonderful friends Marco & Sally Ann a week or so ago. I have mentioned them both several times here before since Marco is an incredible pianist, Sally Ann sings and both are available for weddings in Italy. Whilst I was there, Marco said ‘Amy, watch this!’ He sat at his piano and played Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag at warp factor 3. I was completely and utterly mesmerized!

Marco has since made a video of what he played for me and it’s now available to view on You Tube. Click here, sit and be mesmerized too!

Marco Marconi

What did you think? Amazing hey? Now then, you could have Marco play at your wedding. Please visit his site for all of the information that you’ll need here at Music for Italy Weddings. Don’t miss out!

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