Unseen Image

I often end up browsing through past weddings, trying to find certain photographs for whatever reason. So many times I have completely forgotten what I was looking for in the first place and just end up reminiscing! There are so many photographs that weren’t part of a bLOG post and are now archived away or locked behind a password in a gallery.

So, I thought, why not share some of these ‘unseen’ images? Each week or so I intend to put up an image that you are unlikely to have seen before that I love. They may not be award-worthy in the eyes of judges or other photographers but they were certainly favourites of the Bride & Groom and will be treasured forever.

Bride & bridesmaids

This image was taken at Hedingham Castle during the wedding of Chris & Natasha in September 2011. It’s rare that I have time to do this kind of group shot pre-ceremony but all the girls were ready in plenty of time and this beautiful staircase was on-route to the Norman Keep where Chris was waiting. I love this little twist on a group shot and it turned out to be one of Natasha’s favourites from the day.

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