Wedding Photographer: Guyzance Hall, Northumberland, UK: Simon & Claire

Andy & Amy were the Wedding Photographers at Guyzance Hall, Northumberland, UK for the wedding of Simon & Claire.

27 degrees! How lucky were Simon & Claire? They got married on the hottest day of the year so far, Saturday the 22nd May, at the very beautiful Guyzance Hall, near to Alnwick in Northumberland. A wonderfully relaxed day, Simon & Claire laughed all day long. Both very witty, Claire had me in hysterics whilst she was getting ready but Simon gave her a run for her money during his hilarious speech.

We had met the Bride & Groom previously when Claire was a bridesmaid for Richard & Rachel, a wedding we photographed in August 08 and a couple who we have remained friends with ever since. Great to see you two (three!) again and on such a wonderful occasion.

The three bridesmaids were given a gorgeous necklace as a gift from the Bride:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bridesmaids

Ahem! Simon posing!

Wedding Photographer UK - Groom

Claire’s Dad was emotional all day long:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Parents

Wow! Claire looked gorgeous (even without the veil which ‘does finish it off doesn’t it!’)

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride

Say cheese!

Wedding Photographer UK - Groom & Groomsmen

Guyzance Hall is in such a lovely part of the country. Such an impressive location and our first UK outdoor ceremony:

Wedding Photographer UK - Guyzance Hall

I opted not to photograph a staged ‘signing the register’ shot. Generally I’d prefer not to set things like that up when the natural captures work better:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Groom register

Captured from a distance – against a backdrop of stunning countryside:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Grooom

Love this:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Groom

The view from inside during the reception:

Wedding Photographer UK - Reception

We love creating these Vanity Fair-style group shots:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bridal Party

A brilliant, brilliant day. I truly hope that we can catch up at another friend’s wedding soon!

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