Wedding Planners – Do I Need One?

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Most of the couples that I photograph getting married in Italy opt for a Wedding Planner. A brilliant idea. In fact, an absolute necessity in my opinion. First and foremost, for weddings in Italy, the paperwork is not such an easy thing to arrange. I remember when I got married in 2007, the British Embassy in Florence wouldn’t return my ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ / ‘Nulla Osta’ to a UK address. Luckily, I had a home in Italy.  It’s this kind of hurdle that you can face.

That’s just the start of the argument in favour of a planner for weddings in Italy. I mean, if you don’t speak the language where do you even start looking for and getting quotes for florists, hairdressers, make-up artists, caterers etc? Even if you do speak the lingo, chances are you’ll still find it pretty challenging to get exactly what you’re after when dealing with everything from afar.

So there we go, getting married in Italy? You need a planner. I’ve worked with lots of planners – some good, some average.  Let me know where you’re getting married and I’ll probably be able to recommend someone I’d trust with my own wedding.  I don’t get paid for sending you to anyone, by the way!


Now then, given everything that I’ve just written about the fantastic-ness (!) of wedding planners, why-o-why do I rarely come across them at UK weddings? Let’s face it, these days people have no time to do much more than a microwave meal at 9-o-clock at night and get annoyed when the tube home from work is going to take another 4 minutes to arrive when they’re used to a 2 minute wait and yet, they get engaged and decide that a planner is an unnecessary expense. It’s really not. A planner will do all the research, the graft, the planning, the tedious bits and bobs and just leave you to make the decisions that will still make the run-up to your big day so exciting. Not only that, but your wedding is likely to be more wonderful as a result of having a planner. We’re talking about seriously arty types here folks. Themes, colours, ideas – a good wedding planner will present you with the most amazing array of choice. Your wedding will be beautiful and stress-free – how can you go wrong?

Have a look at Janey’s website from Sweet Days Roses – she writes her reasons for hiring a wedding planner far more eloquently than I have here and just look at how gorgeous her weddings are. An investment with a worthy return, please don’t discount hiring a planner for your big day without serious consideration.

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To Sum Up …

Most people get married once. Everything that happens on the wedding day is new to them. Experience isn’t a word that features often when it comes to getting married and yet, in so many other walks of like, experience is a word that is so important for the result to be a success. Hire someone to help plan your wedding day that has experience in abundance. Surely that makes sense!


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