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I’ve been thinking about writing an article about vintage wedding photography for some time. If you follow any of the wedding blogs, wedding websites, wedding communities, even the wedding magazines, you would have noticed a huge surge in the popularity for a vintage-themed wedding. Romantic & floral, loose & lacy, trailing flowers & glass cake-stands, cups and saucers, mismatched chairs & polka-dots.

Absolutely stunning, elegant styling and, in my opinion, a wonderful theme to base your wedding day around.

Many wedding photographers have jumped on the band-wagon and lots of wedding photos are processed to suit the style of a vintage wedding i.e. images are looking ‘washed-out,’ faded, old.

Many forward-thinking photographers are doing brilliant jobs of creating a real vintage look to their images and offering the perfect album to match the style. Some are even turning up to the wedding with the old-fashioned kit and outfit – brilliant!

That said, if you are planning a vintage wedding, you shouldn’t necessarily feel forced to choose a vintage wedding photographer. At the end of the day, the vintage look is something that is generally created in post-processing. Many professional photographers can process an image afterwards to make it look vintage. Great images should be the biggest priority. The vintage look can be created later but if you start off with poor images, there’s nothing you can ever do to change that.

Mouse-over the two images to the left and right and you’ll see some vintage-style post-processing examples. Of course, the wedding has to be vintage-styled in order for the effect to look more authentic but I just wanted to make the important point that any half-decent photographer will be able to do this in post-processing. You shouldn’t limit your search for purely Vintage Wedding Photographers.

I have grabbed an image and can show you a really quick example of how vintage photography can be created. I can take my original (on the left) and process it with any one of several ‘vintage’ finishes. I have done 4 different conversions to show you what I mean:

Bride in FlorenceVintage Bride in Florence

So then, it’s good news! If you are planning a vintage wedding, you are not limited to choosing a Vintage Wedding Photographer but instead have the whole range to choose from! You’d just need to discuss with your photographer the finish that you’re after. If you are planning to have a wonderful Vintage Wedding and would like me to photograph it, we can discuss what look and finish you would like for your images. Also, I offer a beautiful mocha-leather album cover that I think would lend itself very well to a Vintage Wedding. Drop me a line.

Amy x

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