Family Portraiture: Lola

My daughter Chenin is now 13 months old. I don’t think a year has ever passed by so quickly. It only seems like last week when she was this tiny, helpless baby in arms who slept all of the time (well, through the day anyway!) Now, she is a walking, talking, hilarious little being, full of personality and showing signs of independence. How did that happen so quickly?

I have decided that you simply can’t take enough photos and little video clips of this incredible development. I thought I’d remember everything about this year – what Chenin was doing/weighing etc. at what age but I have soon forgotten or, if not forgotten, it’s certainly easy to muddle the details up.

Well, little Lola came along on the 19th of January and couldn’t have made parents Lucy & Richard any more proud (or tired!) They asked me to photograph her at just 11 days old and have asked that I continue to photograph her as she grows throughout her first year.

Lola is so tiny. Born at just 6lb1oz:

Portrait Photography by Amy Turner

I love this close-up shot:

Portrait Photography by Amy Turner

So peaceful:

Portrait Photography by Amy Turner

I can’t wait to photograph Lola again soon. I’ll see such big changes in her already.

For anyone else who may be interested, please contact me to arrange your Family Portrait session. I am in the UK at the end of March and still have spaces.

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