Once again, a couple who were apparently desperate to book us to photograph their wedding have been disappointed by being beaten to the date by someone else. We’re honestly not making it up when we say to potential clients: “please don’t wait long if you’re serious about booking us – someone else may beat you to it!” Experience has taught us that once in a while, potential clients promise that they’re definitely booking but then, for one reason or another, they don’t follow it through; therefore, we don’t ‘hold’ dates indefinitely – we simply work on ‘1st come, 1st served.’ Those that return the contract (& retainer) promptly, secure our services for their day. If you think that we’re the photographers for you – please don’t assume that we’re turning down other offers whilst you think about it.

Bookings are brisk now for 2008 and we’re starting to fill the odd dates in for 2009 – if you’ve booked your venue, you need to book your photographer! – Andy

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