David A Williams presents:

Here you go – a very rapid selection of images from our wedding day. David will ‘work’ his images in his own special way so we’ve done very little to them other than crop them and resize them for the blog. We’ve left the ‘arty’ ones for him to show – these are just a VERY small selection of hundreds of incredible images!

Thank you so much David – we can’t stop grinning and these really are scratching the surface of what’s to come!! – A&A

18 thoughts on “David A Williams presents:”

  1. Wow these are absolutely amazing , can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks Amy and Andy for such a fabulous few days in Italy. Everything was just brilliant. Congratulations and sorry for blubbling at the ceremony !

  2. Congratulations to Amy & Andy.The photographs are fantastic.All the best to you both.Can’t wait to see the rest of the photo’s.
    Best wishes for the future.
    Chrissie & Rob

  3. I think the photos say it all, a beautiful day for a stunning couple – perfect! Congratulations A&A, can’t wait to see the rest!

  4. Nice bride. Whats with the white shoes Andy, you dude!!! Congrats to you both,I know I don’t need to wish you luck as you will make your own. Take care. xxxx(for Amy)

  5. We are not jealous, looking out of the approach room window with the rain lashing down onto to the fire section roof. What have you got that we havn’t… sun..smiles.. stress free enviroment, oh yes and no uniform!
    Wow you all look so happy congratulations to you both all the best Bladesy and Tom. (The Leuchars gang!)

  6. These really bring back happy memories.

    To the Bride and Groom who we never really got around to toasting!

    I think the “old feller” would have looked better in a tie!

  7. Donna: we loved your reading (including the blubbing) PS why did David keep commenting about your buttocks??!

    Chrissie & Rob – you’re gonna have to come & visit so we can catch up over some vino!

    Luce & Rich – thank you so much for helping out on the day both with music (& security!!) & with David’s kit (inc the &*%$ detector!) There are some gorgeous images of you two btw!

    Calum – you’ve always known I had style – why are the shoes so surprising :)

    Paul & Emma – yeah yeah wotevah!!! :)

    Bladesy & Tom – glad to hear nothing’s changed with Scottish weather! You’re quite right – no regrets!

    Dad – erm…you DEFINITELY look better without a tie! As for the toast – did we do anything else on the day that was normal?? :)

  8. What can I say wonderful photos to match heartfelt memories. You looked amazing as these photos show. Dad and I are still dancing to SHE. Love Mum x Three cheers to David by the way. Is he back in Aussie land yet?

  9. Hi guys, what amazing photos summing up what were fantastic days! It was a such a pleasure to be part of it. All the very best for your future together.

  10. Mum L: Don’t know why I’m answering it here but yes, David is back in Australia atm but not for long – he’s off on a seminar tour to the USA soon.

    Adele – “hi gorgeous :)” – thank you & Patrick so much for making the trip to be there with us. David has some lovely shots of you both btw – wait & see!

    Harold – great to meet you too mate – here’s hoping we can afford to do without a few bricks when rebuilding the house to give us enough funds to make it back to the States for next year’s conventions!

  11. Looks like you had a perfect day guys. Congrats !!
    Will life slow down a bit now so you can settle in to your new life
    in paradise, or are you just going flat out shooting ?

    Take care, can’t wait to get over to the ‘Contient’ one of these days.

    Don’t forget to visit the Rockies when you’ve saved a few pence for airfare. We’ve got an extra room & Tonya makes a mean Pannini sandwich.

    All the best,
    John B.

  12. Hi John!

    Great to hear from you! We have no intention of slowing down although we’re not going to shoot ridiculous amounts of weddings each year – we enjoy it too much to spoil it :) We’re also trying to save enough to get the house habitable and still leave us enough for WPPI, DWF, London SWPP & skiing in Banf :)

    Ciao mate!

  13. Hi Guys,

    Finally catching up with you after being away from home for some 5-weeks.

    Many congratulations, it is lovely to see you both looking so happy. We wish you continued happiness and prosperity for your future together.



  14. Apologies for not keeping in touch.Congratulations on your marriage to the GORGEOUS Amy,lucky man.Nice that someone was able to capture you in the beautiful manner that you both have been capturing others.Best wishes for the future.

    Andy…..get rid of the shoes!!lol

    Andy(Tain Range)

  15. Rob – Hi mate – hope both you and Jill are OK? Tell you what, wait till you get out of that dreadful organization you work for – life is good!

    Andy – long time no hear! Hope all is well up there in the ‘north’. As for the shoes – well, you obviously have absolutely no taste :)

  16. Hi!! Met your mum in the village and she told me how beautiful your wedding was and that some photos were on the blog. You look amazing! The dress is fab! Glad you had a wonderfull day and all the best with the house. Big kisses.

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