Copyright, Music & a solution!

Photographers are extremely protective of their copyrights. I believe that most wedding photographers would go mad to find out that their photographs were used without their permission or simply downloaded and printed by the happy couple or their guests. However, when it comes to music, many photographers seem to have absolutely no qualms about using copyrighted material on their websites! Double-standards? Hypocrites? Absolutely.

Some, admittedly believe that they have permission or a licence to do what they’re doing. In almost every case they’re mistaken. For example, can you imagine how difficult it would be to get permission from U2 (writers & performers), Universal Music (record company & recording owners) & various other ‘interested’ parties for approval to play a particular track to ‘advertise’ your own business? Because of the difficulties of obtaining permission to play popular recordings as background music on websites we have never used any. There are exceptions and some music is available through specialist publishers but although some of it is superb, it’s not what you’re hearing in the charts or on the radio!

For us, the condundrum has been what to do with the slideshow galleries in our client area. Licensed music which accompanied the shopping cart has done the job for a couple of years now but it wasn’t our choice. Then we met maestro pianist Marco Marconi. We’re fortunate enough to have been given permission to use one of Marco’s recordings to accompany those slideshows. Now we have something of quality which showcases our work perfectly & without licensing problems.

<shameless plug>If you’re planning a wedding in Italy & are looking for a musician/band – drop him a line. He perfoms privately on occasion & if you can book him you’re in for a treat! </end of shameless plug> :)

– Andy

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