Cheese Cake

“Strawberry, cheese and a cake?” Don’t you just love Peter Kay?! Apologies if you’ve got no idea what I’m on about. Have you ever seen a real cheesecake though? Like, a real cake made from cheeses? Why not have a wedding cheese cake? Crikey, I must sound like I’ve gone mad.

Look down and you’ll see what I’m rabbiting on about …

Wedding Cheese Cake

Told ya!

This tasty cake was made for Dave & Jo who got married in Siena, Italy. Wedding planner in Siena/Tuscany, Jacqueline Bradshaw, arranged it for them so drop her a line if your marrying in Tuscany and fancy something a bit different.

The cheesy cake below was made for Michael and Jennie who got married in Room in central Manchester. Look at the snow falling in the background. It’s a Christmas Cheese Cake!

Wedding Cheese Cake

What d’ya reckon?

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