Catching our breath (& updating the website!)

After a manic few weeks of weddings combined with a lot of travelling, we’ve had a couple of weeks at home to catch up with a mountain of processing. We’re not completely on top of it yet but we’re making great progress. So, Martin & Rachel and Andy & Vicki – they’re not going to be long now!

Whilst Amy has been busy with much of the album design, I’ve been tweaking the website and I’ve just added three images to the galleries. When I first designed the site, I really wanted to retain a consistency with the galleries and I decided to stick with purely landscape-orientated images. For me, they’re just more pleasing to the eye and I can display them at a good size without changing the physical dimensions of the site. We’re quite confident that we have mountains of great shots taken this way but we’re also conscious of the fact that you may not be seeing some of our very best work so I’ll post some of our current favourites ‘vertical-style’ next time.

So, the three new gallery images added today: when we’re choosing these we don’t even pick our very favourites sometimes. We’re constantly looking for variety – it’s boring to sit through too much repetitive stuff eh? If you want to see these larger, have a look in the galleries (you may need to clear your cache if you’ve been in there previously.)

This is one of my favourites of all. I love the simplicity of the lines, the light, the question it asks…I could go on :)

This one took a lot of post-processing. The ‘before’ & ‘after’ are like two different images altogether. This is more how we originally imagined the image with our eyes – unfortunately the camera (& more specifically – lens) doesn’t always record it that way!

I didn’t remember having any ‘dancing’ shots in the gallery. This is very recent (as you’ll probably remember!) It’s a feel-good photograph – makes us smile everytime we see it :)

As usual, all comments are welcome.

I’m just about to start working on a new area of the website which I’ve had an idea for for what seems like an eternity. Stay tuned! -Andy

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  1. Wow! The new pictures are absolutely beautiful (we especially love the dance floor pic!). Just done Chester Racecourse Bridal Fayre, missed seeing you there. Hope you’re both well. Love, J&L.

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