Back in the UK

We’ve a fair number of UK weddings to shoot over the next few weeks and flying to/from Italy so often wasn’t really practical – besides, Jasmine would have spent an eternity in kennels, so we decided to drive back to Amy’s parents and camp there for a few weeks.

We left home on Tuesday morning and 29 hours later arrived in Warrington. The total driving time was 20hrs 2 minutes – and when you factor in 1.30hrs for the Channel Tunnel crossing (pet passport to sort etc.) and just under 6 hours sleep in a Formule 1 near Paris, you can see we didn’t actually stop much otherwise! Strangely, we didn’t see a single police car on the road in Italy or France and yet within 5 minutes of joining the M20 near Dover, we saw 3 traffic cars.

Ironically, we’ve got to fly back out to Italy in a couple of weeks for a wedding & we’ve another to photograph in Spain before we drive back to Italy – it’s a good job we love to travel!

We’ve just photographed Stephen & Julie’s wedding and we’ll have a quick look through the images today for some to post on the blog tomorrow. -AT

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