Andrew & Jane

We were in Aintree yesterday for Andrew & Jane’s wedding followed by their reception in Daresbury. It was a beautiful church and the Priest, who was extremely friendly and amusing, gave us plenty of freedom to photograph the ceremony. Afterwards, we all had to brave some roadworks & the resulting traffic jam to get to the reception venue and time ran short; as a result, we did a lot of our photography inside after the meal. We’ve had a quick scan through the images and picked out a few for the blog. Good luck A&J with the house move-in & enjoy Hawaii & Vegas!

Jane’s mum looks on as her veil is attached. (Jane designed her own dress and those of her bridesmaids!)

Andrew in the church with his parents looking on. Jane had already arrived at this point (she was hiding in the car!)

Did I mention is was an impressive church?

Bouquets in church.

The reception room was beautifully coordinated. I forgot to ask Jane who did it – they deserve a mention!

Jane during Andrew’s speech. All of the speeches were very emotional.

A quick grab shot of Jane’s grandparents.

Some of the kids amusing themselves with bubbles :)

Ciao for now! – Andy

9 thoughts on “Andrew & Jane”

  1. What a fantastic wedding, we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much. Sharon & Mark. p.s. Enjoy your honeymoon, xxx

  2. brilliant pictures from a brilliant wedding, we all enjoyed every moment and wish jane and andrew every happiness for the future. x x x

  3. Hi we are in kauai and loving every minute. thanks so much for all your hard work on the day the photos are beautiful. looking forward to seeing more, jane and andrew

  4. hi just wanted to say what a wonderful wedding!!!! we had a lovely day. Can’t wait to see the photographs, they will be amazing if the above is anything to go by, well done. Jane, you did it in style honey, well done, see you when you get back from your travels, caroline and kenny

  5. The photographs capture Jane and Andrew so well. The photos are superb,they are a really joyful reminder of a really joyful day.

  6. Jayne, the pictures are beautifull! you look so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the rest of them! the wedding was fab. I’m wishing you every happiness for the future!

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