A New Year & a new web host

Happy New Year to you all – we hope it was a great holiday for you and that you’re all delighted to be back at work etc :)

We’ve been waiting for a long long time now for the right moment to switch over our web hosting to a new company. Half of our website (the shop) has been hosted separately from the rest of the site and it has proven to be much more reliable for us. In particular our .com email has been a complete nightmare – the outbound server constantly refusing to ‘send’ and the inbound one ‘timing’ out at least two-dozen times a day; it was also down completely for a total of 4 days over the last 12 months! Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the right time to switch as you lose your email completely (i.e. it bounces back to sender) and the website vanishes for between 12 & 48 hours depending on where you’re trying to view it from. In the end, it was redirected late last night and by lunchtime today I had everything uploaded again. I’ve just got the blog to finish configuring as there are a few custom things I’d done to it which I’ve lost for some reason – hmm.

With all of these changes made, hopefully you’ll find everything a little quicker & we’re going to press on and update several areas of the website as well as introducing some new bits :) Ciao for now! – Andy

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